Instead of owning a static jpeg or (animated) gif that will end up on your harddisk or in your private cloud, why not consider buying an #augmentedreality NFT you can actually use and 'wear'? Thereby showcasing your purchase and promoting it, if you consider a resale.

So far, that wasn't easy to accomplish with AR effects residing on public platforms, for anyone to see and access. But thanks to the unlock pattern mechanism and the dynamically generated codes, you can become the unique owner of a unique piece of AR content.

Below is a list of NFTs created by AR artist SNDRV. The effects can be activated by scanning the yellow codes with an Snapchat AR app, but they're sold as platform independent NFT's.

Collective Collectibles #01

View/use: Snapchat AR effect

This "Collective collectible 01" is a shared augmented reality outfit. Shared with the whole world, because the AR effect is openly available. But why purchase something that anyone can wear? The value of this outfit will increase the more people wear it, as it's obtrusively communicating that it's for sale.

And is there another benefit of becoming the owner of a piece of this shared creation? Yes, only the 5 owners of the 5 elements can control how this piece of virtual clothing looks on everyone anywhere 'wearing' it by uploading a texture on the part they own.


View/use: Snapchat AR or Snap Camera (for Teams/Zoom)

Part of the "Gamify yourself" collection, which will be a set of five NFT facefilter games which are designed based on one specific condition: instead of using the head detection to turn the player into a substitute mouse or gamepad controlling another game element, in these facefilter games the player is an integral part of the gameplay.

Facefilter "unlock01" - DIY appearance

Snapchat AR filter

Free 30 sec trail
Unlock method: pattern

The effect consists of a classic blanco canvas as facemask and an interactive face-controlled cursor to customize your digital identity with a personal touch.

Unlock02 - beachballing

View/use: Snapchat AR filter
Unlock method: pattern

When unlocking this filter, an interactive beachballing facemask will be projected on you. Whether that's representing frustration about the cumbersome procedure to unlock this content, or whether it symbolizes you patiently waiting for this NFT to increase in value, that's up to you to decide.

Facefilter - Eraser

View/use: Snapchat AR filter
Free 30 sec trail
Unlock method: unlock pattern 03

This effect does not cover you with a virtual layer, it lets you use an eraser tool to uncover yourself. As if you're using a digital brush with your real skin as painting material.